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Hello from Whiddledottles & Humeston, Iowa!
Open Tuesday-Saturday 11-6:00p.m.
What's a Whiddledottle you ask?
It's a unique, one of a kind, made up word for...
Dodads, Whatnots, Gizmos, Thing a ma jigs, and other unique and one of a kind stuff! What word do you use to describe such things?
Whiddledottles is now selling Iowa wines! If you have a favorite winery or a favorite wine, let me know and I will do my best to keep it stocked for you! I also have over 20 styles of vintage wine glasses for sale, as well as, some fun wine related accessories! And just for fun, come in and create your own wine glass charms. I have hundreds of  beads and charms to choose from! And while you're at it, fix up a gift basket for your special someone! 
Wines from Stone Cliff Winery, Dubuque; Crane Winery,Selma; Whispering Pines, Keosauqua; Rosey Acres, Runnells; Summerset Winery, Indianola & Tassel Ridge, Leighton are now in the store! Over 40 diffferent wines to choose from including reds and whites, sweets, semis, and drys! If you can't find a wine you like @ Whiddledottles, you're just plain difficult! :)
Part of the fun of having a store like Whiddledottles is that you often come across all sorts of odd and interesting things that makes you say...
What the heck is this!?! 
If you're "old school" you might know what this is.
related to a kind of "worm"
your parents or grandparents may have used one of these instead of a backpack
Oh my! These are getting harder! Any guesses as to what the heck this is?
I have no clue either!!
What the heck is this?
            This beady eyed guy is a real curiosity. I found him in some old jewelry I was sorting through.
            He appears to be made out of some type of real animal fur and his nose is made from leather.
            He's about 2" long and is attached to a 14" chain. There's a clasp at the other end like it was
            attached to something. Do you have any idea what the heck this might have been used for?!?!
It's got me stumped too!!
What the heck is this?
I would imagine you were considered groovy if you had one of these!
pretty obvious it's a rake of some sort.
Several people guessed correctly... it's a shag rug rake!
This handy tool was used in the 70's to fluff up your shag carpeting.
I found this behind a dresser in a house i was picking through.
The teenager it belonged to hasn't lived there in at least 30 years!
Talk about a fun find!
Double heck! What the heck are these things?
All i can do for now is shake my head at these odd little guys!
Seriously, these have me stumped!
it is obvious that they're some kind of torch light. old? fairly new? it has a thick wick and a place where handles (probably) were at one time. the problem is that i don't see a place to fill it up unless the wick is taken out but that seems hard as the top appears to be one piece or maybe is just rusted badly. one has a broken top that doesn't look like it could easily be reattached even if it wasn't broken. the types of torches my customer in the shop described were used in night parades in the 1800's. the ones i have found are made from brass. these are a fairly lightweight metal. it fits that there was a handle that it hung from and was most likely carried at the end of a stick. i sure would like to see a pic of this particular one before i come to a final conclusion. HELP!!!
I've been having a lot of fun with these in the shop with my customers. Most women think they are a bomb and the men say they have something to do with gun powder. Any other ideas?
What the heck is this?
hmmm. ok, a few people correctly guessed that it's a kneeling prayer bench,
but can someone tell me why the lattice part moves up and down?  
guess not!
What the heck is this?
Paul Gunzenhauser from Shaker Works brought his grandchildren over the other day with a couple of these unusual items. They had been going through some of grandpa's old tool boxes and found them. They had a few guesses, but I told them I'd do some research on them and find out what they really are. 
Can you guess
hint: the size of each is 2-1/2" high x 1-1/2" wide and they're made of brass
hint: using only one of these would be a bit tacky
hint: may be Cival War Era
ok, quit horsing around and help figure this out!
nope, not suspender buckles. 
Mary Ellen Mart correctly guessed these go on either side of a horse bridle. They don't have a purpose, that i know of, other than for decoration.    
What the heck is this?
you'd want to wear gloves when you used this handy gadget.
what? no guesses! you're ice cold!
crunch, crunch, crunch
i admire guys with bald heads... obviously, they like to shave a lot more than i do!
this item was sold this weekend, so i might as well tell you... it's an ice shaver. back in the days when you bought or went to the pond and cut out a block of ice, this would be used to shave off smaller pieces for drinks etc.
Wat the heck is this?
 this tiny little guy is about 2" tall
nope, has nothing to do with nuts!
hint: would anyone care for some tea?
Laura Muselman figured out this is a Wade whimsie that was found in boxes of Red Rose tea,
but... does anyone know what it was used for?
hint: the smaller pic may help you figure it out. or not! last hint: come on baby, light my fire!
This little guy is one of the hundreds of the many figurines (or whimsies) that were found in boxes of Red Rose tea during the 40's & 50's. They were often referred to as Wades, as they were made in Wade, England. My sources tell me that men used to carry them in their pockets and use them to light their stick matches. I think you can still buy Red Rose Tea.
What the heck is this?
 a wine barrel tap?
guess again!
something for maple syrup?
you're way too "sweet" - guess again!
hint: it was used in a HyVee grocery store a VERY long time ago.
hint: you'll attract more flies with honey than with __?__ 
this is a vinegar pump. it belonged to the late Dwight Vredenburg, son of the "Vee" of HyVee Food Stores. back in the early days, customers would bring a jug to the grocery store and fill it with vinegar from a large barrel. 
well maybe not!
This one had everyone stumped for months trying to figure out what the heck it is! Finally, Charla Joy walked in and said "it's been a while since i saw one of these." After I calmed down, she told me what it is and showed everyone in the store how to use it!
Are you ready....
...It's a footrest!
If your chair doesn't have a foot rest, put your feet up on this handy little item and rest a bit! And if you want to rock, it goes back and forth right along with you! Thank you, Charla, we can all rest easier, finally, knowing what the heck this is!   
Did you figure any of these out? Check back again for more weird, curious and odd things that make you ask What the Heck is this?!?
   Be on the lookout for the "Our Iowa/Burma Shave" signs as you drive east out of Humeston on J22!
Services available to our Customers
If you know anyone who does tatting, caning, crocheting, upholstering, furniture refinishing or repair, let me know and I will pass the word to my customers!    
Beautiful Hand Quilting & Antique Quilt Repair 
by Minerva Borntrager
At Whiddledottles, you'll find an exciting assortment of antiques, collectibles, furniture, glassware, and hard to find items. 
Whiddledottles is proud to be one of the first retailers in Iowa to sell candles from Candleberry, maker of the totally intoxicating, but legal, Kentucky Bourbon candle!  Come on in (or follow your nose on over) to Whiddledottles and treat yourself to one of these "scentsational" candles today! 
Our wild bird feeders and supplies will entertain and delight you as you draw seasonal or year round visitors to your home.  You'll spend hours watching the feeders and discovering new friends.
We welcome consignments!
Please make sure you view all of our pages!
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At Whiddledottles, you'll enjoy finding new treasures or restoring old classics.  Here, there is truly something for everyone.  Come join us on a new adventure-you never know what is waiting for you!
You'll find us at:
205 Broad Street
Humeston, Iowa 50123
Friday & Saturday 
11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Other times by appointment
Contact us with questions!
Call: 641.344.9804 or email us at
Whiddledottles now accepts debit & credit cards!
Shipping your web order anywhere in USA or Canada is easy  if you have a Pay Pal account! 
Where to Find Us
"Humeston is a rural, agricultural community nestled within the gently rolling fields of scenic Wayne County along Hwy 65 in south central Iowa."
We’re either the last county in the state if you’re goin’ or the first county if you’re comin! Either way, you’ll want to stop in Humeston and check out our wonderful little town. Humeston can be described as one of  Southern Iowa’s best-kept secrets. Some might say we’re located in the middle of nowhere out in Iowa farm country, but we’re on the way to everywhere!
We’re 65 miles south of Des Moines and 20 miles north of the Missouri border along one of the states major highways, Hwy 65.
We’re 7 miles from Hwy 2 and 13 miles from Hwy 34 and Stephens State Forest in Lucas County.
Interstate 35 is just 30 miles or so to the West. Terrible’s Lakeside Casino located in Osceola, Iowa is less that 30 miles away.
If you’re traveling to Honey Creek State Park and Lake Rathbun, you can take the scenic route through Humeston and enjoy a drive through Iowa’s beautiful countryside the short 35 miles to Lake Rathbun. 
Going to the Sprint car races in Knoxville? We're less than an hour away.
Or if you're headin’ down to Branson, Missouri and don’t like interstate driving... Branson is also located on Hwy 65!
Our Story
Our story began with a nightmare! The recession of 2008 took many of us by surprise, including owner Peggy Rash.  After finding herself unemployed, she began looking into fulfilling her dream of owning her own business.  When the corner store on Broad Street came up for sale in early 2009, she knew that she had to go for it! With the help of a friend, renovation began on the turn of the century two-story brick building.  It took a lot of vision to recapture the original charm of what used to be a Meat Market in the early 1900’s.
We sell Antiques & Other Not So Fancy Stuff, including unique and unusual vintage items, and collectibles. You’ll also find a large selection of wild bird feeders, as well as, an assortment of wild birdseed and supplies.  
Humeston businesses, unlike many, have flourished in this bad economy.  Our town has welcomed 3 other new businesses besides my own, in the past year. My antique shop compliments the unique variety of shopping available to the many out-of-town guests that are visiting Humeston daily.  It’s amazing!!
Through the process of making Whiddledottles a reality, I discovered a few side roads, a lot of paperwork, many late nights, some surprises, and a lot of great support from friends, family and the community.  I hope you will enjoy sharing this journey with me.  If you find yourself facing some of the same challenges you find here, call me!  I can offer some helpful tips!"
Whiddledottles had been an office for many years.  We began our reconstruction process by deconstructing!
For remodeling purposes, the bones of this building were promising and as we began to remove walls, paneling, and carpeting, the original charm of the building slowly began to emerge.
Here we see a before picture of our front window that faces Broad Street.
The paneling comes down, and the under wall emerges. 
More of the wall is revealed.  From this point, we began to make any repairs needed before framing up and building the new wall. 
After sandblasting, priming, and repainting the old tin ceiling we made the necessary wiring and lighting changes to accent our new ceiling. We loved the results!
The original tin ceiling was restored and hollow beams were added to hide the electrical wires that were swagged all across the ceiling.
We "aged" the wooden beams we added and were very excited at the results.  The new beams and walls look great!  Antiques magically begin to appear-and look right at home!
Under the purple carpeting and two layers of glued on linoleum, a beautiful oak hardwood floor was discovered.  But how does one get all that tar paper and glue off of a wood floor? After much research and many hours of scraping, they came up with a simple solution! Ask how they did it!
Breakthrough!  The plaster begins to come down!
Once we removed the plaster, we were able to get down to the original brick.  The exposed brick  has been a true treasure and we chose not to paint it and hide its unique charm!
The new ceiling fans and chandelier add ambience.  Our back wall has also been built out, the restroom redone and even more items appear!
Our new wallpaper was a lot of "fun" to put up but it was worth it!  We loved the results!
Newly remodeled and redecorated, our bright, open area lends itself well to storing the many treasures that can be found here.  Come see us and enjoy the rest of our story with us!
Even when it seems unfavorable, like this flower that grows in a crack next to my building, dreams can come true. and so our dream continues...
We've shared our story with you, now share your story with us! 
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Humeston is the place to shop in Southern Iowa for miles around. Broad Street has maintained the atmosphere and charm of small town Iowa while providing a unique shopping experience that is sure to please any shopper or traveler!   For information on shopping, dining and tourism in this area, visit the Humeston website.
While in Humeston, visit Grassroots Gallery & Cafe located at 121 Broad Street.  The Grassroots Gallery & Cafe offers original artwork by local artists and provides a fresh and unique dining experience. You simply must visit Grassroots Gallery & Cafe.
Grassroots Cafe is reopening May 1st! Open Tuesday-Saturday 8-2:30
Sweet Southern Sass is located at 120 Broad Street. If you're looking for super cute children's clothing plan on stopping in during your visit to Humeston!
While in Humeston, don't forget to visit Snyder's, located at 128 Broad Street, for a unique shopping experience.  Snyder's has something for everyone-clothing, accessories, gifts, collectibles and more!
While you're out and about driving around south central Iowa, make sure you stop by the Frontier Trading Post located in Lucas Co. just east of Chariton on Hwy 34. FTP is also a Welcome Center! You don't want to miss stopping by the Frontier Trading Post!
Also, if you're in the Chariton area don't miss....
Coming soon!
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